Perlick bar equipment used in bars and other commercial settings

The key to a successful bar is the tools you use to help it thrive. We offer a variety of different Perlick Bar equipment at wholesale prices making it easy to locate and purchase the right tool for your establishment. Our extensive selection of Perlick bar equipment guarantees we have the unit you are looking for. Whether you are searching for a temperature-controlled beer cooler, or a sleek underbar storage unit, has the tool to best meet the demands of your operation.

We provide several refrigerated bar equipment units. Beer coolers utilize a direct draw draft system which keeps all components of the equipment within the unit rather than running extra lines to separate rooms. These easy to use dispensing units allow your bar to feature a customer favorite, draft beer. Draft beer is sought out by many consumers because of its fresh taste that you won’t find from a can or bottle. Many bars find that offering an exclusive beverage like draft beer keeps them above the competition, and its customers coming back for more. Our beer coolers are easy to use, store and dispense ideal glasses of draft beer.

We also offer other temperature-controlled spaces for beverages like undercounter freezers and refrigerators, wine coolers, glass frosters, worktop refrigerators, and backbar storage cabinets. Worktop refrigerators are common in bars to keep its inventory directly below the bar area where customers will be served.  This is an easy way to widen workflow and efficiency. Perlick glass frosters vary and size and help keep glasses cold for refreshing chilled drinks. These units range from 2 to 5 feet with top opening sliding doors and a push button defroster. Backbar storage cabinets will keep beverages at a set temperature and features removable shelving to easily organize its contents.

Another necessity in any bar is underbar sinks and warewashing units. We offer large underbar sink units with separate compartments for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing. Underbar glass washing units are nearly self-sufficient dishwashing machines that clean and sanitize your glasses. We also offer underbar hand sinks to give staff and bartenders and accessible place to clean their hands right at the bar. All units are made from high quality, long lasting materials. also includes a listing of underbar equipment including blender stations, bottle step display units, and underbar cocktail units and ice bins. Standard commercial blender stations come with an electrical outlet and either a flat work top or drain for liquid waste. Bottle step display units offer elevated steps for liquor bottles to rest on while displaying your liquor inventory. Display units come in a variety of styles to best fit your bar’s atmosphere. Our underbar cocktail units provides the insulated storage and work space needed to make delicious beverages. These comprehensive units include an insulated bottle well and ice chest, a blender station, and speed rails to hold most commonly used liquor bottles. Units like these allow the bartender to keep all the ingredients needed to make perfect beverages in one place, which widens efficiency and workflow.

We also offer a selection of underbar storage equipment in a variety of styles and sizes that will fit perfectly behind your bar, including underbar drain bars and glass rack storing units. For your convenience, accessories and add-ons are available for your new and old Perlick bar equipment. Purchase an ice display unit to keep bottles cold and on display for customers to shop from. Drip trays and speed rails can be added to units to make your space and bar equipment more efficient, and a listing of underbar add ons are available for all your bar needs including, filler sections, receptacle top covers, and more.

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